About us

DSCN1009GFC Precision is a custom target manufacturing company located in Santa Fe. We use a precise CNC plasma torch to cut our targets from 3/8″ AR 500 steel.  We have 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ targets in stock in your choice of our round, square, or gong styles.  Our prices are 6″ for $15, 8″ for $25, 10″ for $40, and 12″ for $60.

We are also making Pepper Poppers with bases.  Our full size 42″ sells for $225, the 2/3 size 28″ sells for $175, and the 1/2 size 21″ sells for $150.

We also design and make our own target stands.  We have two styles of gong stand kits; one using a 2×4 cross bar and one using a pipe cross bar. These kits include everything except the target and the necessary wood 2×4. They are priced at $70.  Pistol target stands include a base and a top cap. You provide a 2×4. They are priced at $60.  All target stands disassemble for easy transportation.

We can also cut custom shapes for our targets.  We can cut any target size or shape you desire.  GFC Precision also designs and precisely cuts mild steel into beautiful rustic artwork, signs, etc.  All items are completely customizable.  Please ask us for a quote on these unique and exciting items.

Manolo Victor (505)264-3144    &    Shane Norman (505)490-0207